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Iron Age? "Gangpla" to open the plastic age!

Our company is a company that produces high strength plastics to replace metal.
Corrosion Prevention Environment Plant is producing stronger and corrosion resistant products by filament winding methodand ceramic technology to existing FRP.
In addition, we manufacture and sell tanks with high functionality such as far infrared rays, negative ion, and deodorant using ceramic technology.
High-strength plastic "Gangpla" is produced by injection method and Hot Pressing method, and it is commercialized by our company by introducing technology from CAP of Japan.
Injection method is to form composite material reinforced with 4mm-12mm long fiber to various resin without cutting or bunch. It can increase strength more than 1.5 times than technology injection molding technology. It is possible to mold a thick molded article with a thickness of 30mm or more without bubbles.
It is also the first in the world to commercialize plastic injection technology using long fiber, which contributes to the reduction of manufacturing cost of semiconductor automobile manufacturing process equipment by producing products capable of maintaining surface resistance below 105 Ω based on the technology Hot pressing technology is a technology to impregnate various kinds of resin into reinforcing fiber fabric.
The heating method of the mold is not the whole heating method of the mold using hot wire or steam but the mold surface heating method using special heat. It can reach to 400 ℃ for 90 seconds and it can be heated, molded and cooled At the same time, it is possible to produce high quality products without deformation of products, making them suitable for production of aircraft parts and mobile phone cases which are made of thermoplastic.
The LED safety block, which is a pedestrian safety system, is installed on the pedestrian crossing to increase the visibility of pedestrian crosswalks. This system prevents the pedestrians from crossing accident due to careless use such as excessive use of mobile phones. It is possible to operate with traffic lights.
"Gangpla" reduces cost and weight, increases quality and strength, and replaces metals.

We will grow into a leader company that will lead the future industry with plastic.