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R & D performance

R&D present condition

GFRP production for tensile strength of 140MPa or more and bending strength of 170MPa or more for normal work safety to protect the foot of the worker

Development of LED street light case using GFRP with tensile strength of 140MPa or more

development and commercialization of Door lock spot plate for replacing aluminum using GFRP material with a tensile strength of 150 MPa or more by fusing polyamide recycled resin and composite long Fiber, and FRC door handle for alternative aluminum with antimicrobial power

Development of GFRP rolltainer with a tensile strength of 140MPa or more with 6mm or more GF long fiber and thermoplastic resin injection technology

Developed 40% lightweight hybrid manhole cover using anti-cutting composite fiber injection technology

Developed PA66 composite parts for ski and skate aluminum replacement (US K2 export)

Development of Composite Material with Tensile Strength of 170 MPa or more and Modularization of Internal Parts and Development of Case for Electric Collimator for X-ray Photography